Writing, directing and photographing... For ten years, Karine Zibaut has been working her way through the forest of creation. With filming, she has found a camera lucida enabling her to ward off the oppressing walls of emotions. Through these bubbles of light, characters come and go, embodying days full of life, incandescent fears or nights haunted by the gaps of the past.

Karine Zibaut is a woman who creates and gives birth to texts and images in a world where women are still meant to work, entertain and mother. But still too rarely to think a world where the different parts of femininity are reconciled.

The power of her work sprang with the bliss of “Body and Soul” from which a first book came out. From texts to films, to happenings, a nebula is born. A universe is coming to life. A work of art, already.


Bénédicte Philippe





then comes the irrepressible desire to dilute the ink – words, images, impressions, experiences, silences. A new desire surging at the core of a life always in motion. Ink and water blending with the desire, even unconscious, to document the world surrounding us; to document the living; to keep track of the hopes and sorrows that sometimes befall us abruptly. A tear falls on an instant, diluting the ink: softening it, freeing it. It dilutes the ink, but that particular instant remains: dilated, less striking, but enduring, because it contains a story. An entire imaginary world. Intuition attuned to the importance – transitory or lasting – of a new medium for expression. And going along with it. Letting the dilution of the forms form something new – let it be or control it.



or blue, ink and paper, always. The lightness, the fluidity of the motion, the emotion moving from the hand to the brush, then onto the paper. Onto the screen. A work in progress… sometimes choreographing the artist more than she leads the dance. It depends on the mood, the progress, the expectations – on how ink and movement will merge together. A single gesture, simultaneously encompassing a break and a convergence line. But invariably to merge. Transparency and texture: different than in photography. Different than on film. Different than in writing. Always different. And yet the artist holds onto her universe, her identity and her discourse. She continues down her path.


Karine Zibaut

is the kind of artist that I love.She is always moving. Searching. Always the same, yet never the same.

INK! marks a departure with the work she started nearly 10 years ago when words were no longer enough for the artist to express herself, so she picked up her camera. Ten years of work is not insignificant in a life. It’s a story that takes root and then flies free. Ten years of patience, temptations, choices to be made and thought out, exhibitions, metamorphoses. Encounters, moments of joy, and sometimes let-downs, too. Ten years to conquer oneself, all the while going up to meet others. What would we do without these artists who never give up? Who battle all the climatic variations that go hand in hand with their status? Water is often present in the works of Karine Zibaut, as are other elements such as earth, roots, rust… Ink is the latest material in the hands of the photographer; it leaks from the tip of the brush, reconfiguring the never-ending story told by Karine Zibaut, in as many shapes as embodied imaginations.



rupture and continuity. A world in itself.


Lalie Walker