From my studio to your home


Each time, it’s a renewed joy to see my work being chosen. Thank you so much. Your ink drawing will be wrapped and sent with the utmost care. Here are the different steps of the process.

A unique work of art

Each drawing displayed on this website is unique. It is signed and dated. All the drawings are kept at my studio in London in ideal conditions. The website was created so that people could purchase artworks outside exhibition time. Under each drawing, you will find an icon enabling you to put it in your basket if it is still available. Then, when you are ready, you can review your selection and make a choice between your favourite drawings.

Packaged with the utmost care

I take particular care in packaging each and every drawing thoroughly so that it is delivered to you in prime condition. Your work of art will be carefully wrapped.

For small drawings (A5), I make a mount-board out of acid-free cardboard. Medium and large drawings are protected using acid-free papers. All the drawings are then wrapped in tissue paper and, finally, in heavy-weight paper. Once they are well protected, I slip them into a board backed envelope before handing them over to the friendly people at the post office.

As quickly as possible

If you are ordering a drawing as a present, please always allow for a week in between the moment you place the order and its delivery, just to be on the safe side.

If I am travelling, I will let you know immediately when you can expect your drawing to be delivered. I handle everything personally and I sometimes happen to be away from my studio.

The drawing is delivered to you.

I will enclose your invoice as well as your drawing’s certificate which has been dated and signed. Please, keep them safe.

Collecting and buying artwork is a way to participate in art as well as to write your own story according to your personal taste.

If you are willing, I would be glad to discover how you have chosen to display my artworks. It always gives me great pleasure to see them ‘live’.

Thanks for your pictures!